Scholarly, analytical discussion of abortion. Provides facts, information, and opinions on abortion from a variety of sources. Discusses the problems that cause abortions, and offers new and innovative solutions for resolving the abortion conflict. Evaluates current developments such as the confirmation of John Ashcroft as Attorney General, the election of George Bush as President, RU- 486, partial-birth abortion, parental notification and consent, the conviction of James Kopp, the execution of Paul Hill, the Laci and Connor Peterson murders, Holly’s Law and judicial nominations; plus excellent explanations of early embryo & fetal development.

Examines the arguments, views, pros and cons on both sides of the abortion debate; pro-life and pro-choice. Provides reference material and help for crisis pregnancies. Because this web document has no organizational affiliations to promote, and contains numerous links to other web sites, it is an excellent place to start a study of abortion.