Benefits of Undergoing a Sauna Therapy


The sauna therapy has been in existence for many centuries. Historical records reveal how it was used by the noble and wealthy in the olden days to entertain themselves.


Body Detoxification

Scientifically, it has been proven that saunas help the body detoxify. This removes the harmful toxins within the skin better than any other technique. The natural human body has inbuilt mechanisms for detoxification. Modern day technological advancements have created an environment where we are exposed to toxins than any other time in history. This has brought about the necessity for regular detoxification. Saunas are one way of achieving this, not only are they safe, they are amazing.


infrared sauna
The Sauna Therapy

Since time memorial, humans have gone through sauna therapy to keep safe and detoxify their skin. For instance, historical accounts dating back to the Native American sweat lounges and the Finnish saunas fired over wood. This was over 2000 years ago. Briefly described are some of the benefits of Saunas.



Reduces Stress

For a fact, saunas help relieve stress. Rather than evade your situation by opting for coffee, sugar, inadequate sleep, overstressed adrenals situations, a sauna is more effective. The body is encouraged to shift into a parasympathetic state that promotes healing, rest and de-stressing.


Balance your Hormones

Reducing your stress levels lowers the hormone cortisol. Once you balance cortisol, insulin, thyroid, estrogen, and testosterone levels are maintained. The progesterone level can rise when we retain cortisol at a healthy range. If not careful, the saunas can help the adrenals secrete aldosterone helping keep your electrolytes balanced.



Saunas can help the individual feel like they have acquired great strength. Several studies have shown that infrared saunas can significantly improve the healing in wounds as well as tissue integrity. A study carried out on mice revealed that mice whose eyesight was blinded by chemical exposure experienced a reversal in their predicament due to the NIR therapy. Also, German and Finnish studies have shown that saunas can reduce the incidence of catching the flu or a cold by 30 percent.


Youth Chalice

The infrared saunas can reverse any stretches of aging giving your skin a youthful healthier look. The exposure to red light stimulates elastin and collagen production. Both these substances are responsible for firming and plumping the skin helping alleviate cellulite and stretch marks. Sweating deeply also helps improve the overall skin turnover. Harmful stuff such as bacteria can be removed from your skin, a good remedy for those with acne, improving their skin health. NIR saunas reduce the level of body inflammation which alleviates skin issues like eczema or psoriasis.


weight loss
Lost Weight

Saunas help greatly with weight loss. They increase the body heart rate lowering blood pressure and increasing the metabolic rate and rate of oxygenation. These physiological aspects are quite similar to cardio exercises. A study done on women riding stationary bikes and exposed to sauna infrared conditions revealed a 444 percent weight loss compared to those who exercised alone. Infrared light alone can burn off over 600 calories in half an hour. Also, they help with weight loss by stimulating the human growth hormone which maintains the person’s fitness.


Studies have shown too that men who use saunas are less at risk of suffering from cardiac arrest to any fatal cardiovascular disease than those who do not. The merits of sauna sweating are indispensable.