Cost of Abortion

Last Updated: 8/25/2020

How much does an abortion cost?

The cost of an abortion can range anywhere from $0-$1,000 depending on your situation.

Factors Affecting Abortion Costs

  • Stage of Pregnancy
  • Health Insurance
  • Income & Financial Support Programs
  • Location
  • Type of Abortion

The longer you're been pregnant the more your abortion may cost you. This is due to the fact that your abortion procedures start to get limited the longer you wait and many doctors only do abortions before 12-weeks of pregnancys.

If you have health insurance, it may cover some or all of the abortion. You should call your insurance provider directly to find out about your coverage.

If you don't have insurance or you can't use it due to privacy, the staff at the clinic or health center can help guide you to programs that will help offset the cost. Many of these programs are incomed based to help support women with lower income.

As much as your income matters - so does your location. Depending on where you live it can range even more. You'll tend to find more clinics in larger cities/areas versus smaller towns. You might end up paying more going to a smaller clinic versus a large system, like Planned Parenthood.

The type of abortion you choose will change the cost of abortion as well. The abortion pill is generally cheaper than vacuum aspiration performed in-clinic.

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