How to get rid of wrinkles


Aging is inevitable. While some people might be lucky enough to have youthful looks helping them win the battle against aging, most people do not have this luxury.But wrinkles are not just a problem for people who are 65 and up. Visible creases and wrinkles can appear on the face at any time. So many factors influence how visible the signs of aging are. Factors that are not just “I’m just getting old.” These can include often include environmental factors such as smoking, lack of sleep, stress, and unhappiness. Physical and mental factors are just as important indicators of aging too. In fact, the two are not separate entities. Though there are many reasons for wrinkles, there are also many ways to fight back. Here is your guide on how to get rid of wrinkles:



There are easy ways to prevent skin damage. Avoiding the sun is one of them. UV rays produced by the sun can be quite damaging to your skin. You should also stop smoking if you are doing so. Smoking attacks collagen, the protein that holds your skin’s elasticity. Without elasticity, your skin loses its firmness and starts to wrinkle and crease.


Skincare routine

This goes beyond washing your face in the morning with your liquid hand soap. Like any other part of the body, upkeeping the skin’s functions will help keep it healthier. Some tips when choosing a skin care routine that works best for you include:

Knowing your skin type

Know what kind of skin you have (dry, oily, combination, sensitive): it informs what products work best for what you want from your skin.

Cleansers and masks

Look into daily cleansers and masks: they balance essential oils (without over washing) and nourish your skin with vitamins and nutrients.


Get rid of dead skin cells, brighten complexion, and massaging the scrub into your face is good for circulation.
Sweat to keep healthy blood flow and moisture, drink ample amounts of water and use overnight products (rosehip oil is a great natural choice that also lightens acne scars).


Be mindful of what you eat and drink. There are many foods that taste great, are healthy for you, and work wonders for your skin. They include:


Cocoa contains properties that protect from sun damage, while helping with circulation, and hydration leaving skin smooth.

Cold water

Cold water fish like salmon is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that help nourish the skin to help stop wrinkles.
Fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants, which combat factors that damage your skin.


Soy has natural properties that fight against sun damage. Soy-based supplements like fish protein and extracts from white tea, grapeseed, and tomato, as well as several vitamins, improve the skin’s suppleness.

Mental health & happiness

tdtfhgvghvghvhgvhgvAlthough the skin is physical, there are more than a just physical factor that influences wrinkles. It is important to find ways to monitor stress levels and work towards a happy life as mental stress affects the physical body. One of the easiest ways to regulate stress and happiness is to get good sleep. Sleep deprivation increases the levels of a chemical called cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that breaks down skin cells. With enough rest, the body is more alert and boosts human growth hormone which helps to keep skin firm and elastic.