Best Physical Exercises for Seniors

healthy seniors

When we are old, we need to exercise more than ever. Aging is an inevitable process that degrades our organs, but an active lifestyle can counter the harmful effects and allow us to live a quality life.

However, do not let your enthusiasm tricks you. Not all sports are beneficial to seniors. Some can even lead to injuries if improperly done. Read this article first before you decide what exercises suit you or senior relatives you know.


Swimming is regarded as an exercise with the least chance of causing injury. The water immersion does prevent the muscles from receiving impacts from gravity while allowing them to workout intensely at the same time. Swimming freestyle is known for its ultimate cardiovascular benefits. Breaststroke gives the swimmer resistance training and is famous for stimulating muscle growth in the arm, shoulder, and legs. You can even do the butterfly-stroke once you are advanced enough. It is the best swimming stroke that can form abs and firm buttocks.


Playing golf may seem like a lazy sport, yet it does train the player’s agility and kinesthetic awareness. It keeps the brain working on muscle coordination, thus making it effective to prevent cognitive degradation diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer.

Besides going to a golf club is more exciting and social than swimming alone in a pool. If you go to senior golf clubs, you will see how the older adults there gather for more than the sport. They socialize with each other, make new friends, and learn new tricks in the club. Also, the vast view of the golf field can refresh the player’s mind as they play.


Running is the most straightforward sport there is. You only need to put on your jogging shoes, and you can hit the road immediately. However, you should consider how your age has affected your spatial awareness. You should not jog next to heavy traffic with many speeding vehicles. Jog in the city’s park, beach, or jogging tracks so that you are safe from the risk of accidents. Also, if you have a history of episodic diseases, you should not go to a place that is far from people.

Breathing Exercise

You may not know that breathing itself is an exercise. The older we get, the less sensitive we are to our body. Breathing exercise can undo that desensitization. We can improve our mind’s focus ability, lung capacity, and breathing rhythm. We take breathing for granted, and we often inhale an inadequate amount of oxygen. In the long-term, the condition can lead to brain damage and cognitive impairment.